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Single-Family Rentals Growing as an Institution-Owned Asset Class
News Coverage | 21 Dec 2018
Sandeep Bordia Discusses Single-Family Rentals at the Urban Institute
News Coverage | 26 Sep 2017
Drew Flahive, President of Amherst Single Family Residential, participates in ABS East Conference
“The Case for Innovation in Housing”
News Coverage | 19 Jun 2017
Sean Dobson Speaks to the Wall Street Journal: “Wall Street Keys On Landlord Business”
News Coverage | 19 Mar 2012
Laurie Goodman Speaks to the New York Times’ Joe Nocera: “To Fix Housing, See the Data”
News Coverage | 04 Nov 2011
Laurie Goodman Speaks to Bloomberg’s John Gittelsohn: “Foreclosed Inventory Shrinks as Homes Sell”
News Coverage | 22 Jun 2011