The Amherst Story

Our long and profitable history has been based on the principle that fundamental research and transparency drive better investment decisions.

Amherst sponsors and develops companies that help institutional investors underwrite and manage their U.S. real estate investments. Powered by a proprietary technology platform, Amherst has spent more than 25 years developing unique analytical tools and data sets that provide investors with actionable insights and forward-looking investment opportunities across the real estate capital markets.

Our long history of success:
The efficacy of our approach is demonstrated by our consistently profitable track record and proven ability to help our clients navigate difficult and volatile market conditions. In 2006, we used our proprietary tools and experience to predict the mortgage crisis long before it became evident to others. Based on this analysis, we developed a variety of investment strategies to navigate the deeply distressed markets and our clients benefitted greatly.  

In 2009 we recognized that U.S. housing was undervalued and that the market was in the midst of a secular shift away from ownership toward rental. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, Amherst Residential was established. The platform raised $220m of capital and began acquiring, repairing and leasing homes.  As part of this effort and to effectively manage these homes, Amherst created Main Street Renewal (MSR), an internally managed, vertically integrated property management platform.  Today, MSR has over 660 employees with senior management and technology teams located in our corporate headquarters in Austin.  Currently, we manage 37,000 properties in 30 markets across 21 states. We saw an immense, but complicated opportunity and used our various resources and experience to build a business from the ground up and today Amherst is a leader in this emerging asset class.

By the numbers:
Amherst employs over 900 professionals across its single family residential, asset management, investment banking and technology platforms. We have strong relationships with numerous institutional investors and have raised more than $9.5 billion of capital to support our various businesses and investment vehicles.  These relationships, combined with our strong leadership teams and innovative data and analytic capabilities, allow us to react nimbly with scale to evolving opportunities in the real estate capital markets.